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November 15, 2018
Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen has retained his English accent. Despite having lived in Scotland since 1975, when he joined the Benedictines of Pluscarden Abbey, his homilies still ring with the vowels of a man born in Hampshire (in 1952) and educated at St Paul’s and King’s College London. He has come a long way
November 15, 2018
Among the Twelve Apostles, St Jude has often been neglected – partly because we don’t know much about him, partly because people get him mixed up with Judas Iscariot. But many Catholics are indebted to Jude, traditionally the Patron Saint of Lost Causes (or “of the Impossible”). And in Britain, his devotees make their way
November 01, 2018
MPs haven’t given up on introducing abortion and gay marriage to the region Say “the Northern Ireland problem” to followers of British politics, and they are likely to think about Brexit. Do we need a customs border, and if so where should it be placed? Is there some hybrid arrangement that could satisfy all parties?
November 01, 2018
A new degree in Catholic social teaching is now accepting applicants A few years ago, there was an unexpected wave of interest in Catholic social teaching. David Cameron started taking advice from Phillip Blond, an Anglican professor inspired by the Church’s doctrine. His opponent, Ed Miliband, grew close to Blue Labour”, a group which drew
October 25, 2018
A new Bill aims to redefine how the law sees abortion At midnight on Monday, many Catholics across Portsmouth diocese began a fast, not to be broken until Communion the next day. And at Tuesday’s Masses, priests wore purple vestments, signifying penance, and were encouraged to use the prayers for the Votive Mass for the
October 25, 2018
A watchdog’s bark was worse than its bite As the reins change hands at Cafod, with Chris Bain (pictured) departing as director later this year, it’s a moment for the development agency to take stock. But that was overshadowed by some unfortunate coverage last week, when Cafod received a slap on the wrist from a
October 19, 2018
Archbishop Viganò says the Vatican had documentary evidence, but that officials either failed to act or were prevented from doing so
October 04, 2018
What is the truth about the case of Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor? The claims are shocking. A cardinal is accused of child abuse; his diocese is accused of mishandling the accusation; Pope Francis himself is accused of cutting short the inquiry. These allegations, reported by the website LifeSiteNews last week and picked up by the Times, gave
October 03, 2018
In an open letter ahead of the Youth Synod, one hundred young Scots say it would be a mistake to downplay orthodoxy
October 01, 2018
A new watchdog, Better Church Governance, plans to produce a dossier on all the cardinal electors
September 27, 2018
Britain gains its first ‘personal parish’ for the Extraordinary Form “As a general rule,” the Code of Canon Law says, “a parish is to be territorial.” Whether the area is the whole of Dubai (the largest parish in the world), or a few square miles in a metropolis, parishes occupy a clear area which doesn’t
September 27, 2018
A misjudged remark has provoked a backlash At this week’s Labour conference in Liverpool, delegates were celebrating the Ten Commandments. No, not those ones, but a version drawn up by the group Christians on the Left and distributed on little cards. The first commandment is “Bring biscuits”. Other highlights include “Buy the first round” and
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