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January 31, 2019
Pope Francis accepted the retirement of Bishop Frederick Campbell of Columbus, Ohio, Thursday, appointing Bishop Robert J. Brennan, auxiliary of Rockville Centre, to lead the diocese. “I am already praying fervently for the Church of Columbus every day,” Bishop Brennan said in a statement on January 31. “I look forward to walking the journey with
January 25, 2019
Pope Francis warned on Thursday against the increasing narcissism and “spirals of hatred” found on today’s social media networks, encouraging people to cultivate community through their internet interactions instead. In his World Day of Social Communications message, Pope Francis said that online discussion is “too often based on opposition to the other.” “We define ourselves
January 25, 2019
Pope Francis heard confessions at a youth prison in Panama Friday, telling the young inmates that “you have a bigger purpose,” and that there is joy in heaven for one repentant sinner. In this penitential act, God “does not look at labels and prison terms, but at his sons and daughters,” Pope Francis told the
January 21, 2019
Pope Francis launched an app on Sunday called  “Click to Pray,” which connects Catholics to a global network to share prayer intentions via their smartphones. The Pope opened the new app using an iPad during his Angelus address on January 20 and encouraged young Catholics, in particular, to download the smartphone app to pray the
January 17, 2019
God the Father will always be there for his beloved children, Pope Francis said Wednesday, with a reminder that the unconditional love of God is not limited by our own sense of guilt or unworthiness. “God is looking for you, even if you do not seek Him. God loves you, even if you forget Him.
December 31, 2018
Pope Francis prayerfully entrusted troubled families to the protection of the Holy Family of Nazareth Sunday and offered his advice for healing family wounds. “When there are problems in families, we assume that we are right and we close the door to others. Instead, one must think: ‘What does this person have?’ And marvel at
December 26, 2018
The feast of the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, falls the day after Christmas —  timing that contains an important spiritual lesson, Pope Francis said Wednesday. “It might seem strange to approach the memory of St. Stephen at the birth of Jesus because the contrast between the joy of Bethlehem and the drama of Stephen,
December 25, 2018
On Christmas, Pope Francis prayed for peace and renewed brotherhood in Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and other parts of the world experiencing conflict. “May all of us receive peace and consolation from the birth of the Savior and, in the knowledge that we are loved by the one heavenly Father, realize anew that we are
December 24, 2018
God offers himself to us in the manger in Bethlehem, Pope Francis said in his Christmas homily Monday night, inviting each heart to welcome this heavenly gift. “At Christmas, we on earth receive Jesus, the bread from heaven,” Pope Francis said on December 24 in St. Peter’s Basilica. “We discover that the life of God
December 21, 2018
Pope Francis strongly condemned clerical sex abuse in his annual Christmas speech to the Roman Curia Friday, promising that the Church leadership will never again cover-up abuse or treat such cases lightly. “Let it be clear that before these abominations the Church will spare no effort to do all that is necessary to bring to
December 21, 2018
Murad, who was enslaved by ISIS, received the Nobel prize for her 'efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war'
December 18, 2018
More than 100 nativity scenes are on display near the Vatican as the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization seeks to share the history and spirituality behind the nearly 800-year-old Christmas devotion. “The nativity, in addition to being a beautiful cultural tradition transmitted [by] the genius of St. Francis of Assisi and