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July 01, 2019
Pope Francis said Saturday that Saints Peter and Paul are both witnesses to the transformative power of God’s forgiveness through which all Christians can experience a new beginning of peace and joy. “Only when we experience God’s forgiveness do we truly experience rebirth. From there we start over, from forgiveness; there we rediscover who we
July 01, 2019
Pope Francis has prayed for peace and the successful outcome of the meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the DMZ. “In the last few hours we have witnessed a good example of the culture of encounter in Korea,” Pope Francis said June 30 at the end of
June 28, 2019
The Global Rosary Relay aims to have 1 billion Hail Marys said for the sanctification of priests on June 28, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. “This is the world family all joining together as one on Friday and praying for the sanctification of our priests,” Global Rosary Relay founder and organizer Marion
June 28, 2019
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said in an article published Friday that the unity of the Church has always prevailed over internal struggles and affirmed that there is currently only one pope. “The Pope is one, it is Francis,” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said in an interview with an Italian magazine published by Corriere Della Sera
June 24, 2019
At the conclusion of the International Youth Forum on Saturday, Pope Francis announced the theme of World Youth Day 2022 to be held in Lisbon: “Mary arose and went with haste.” “Do not tune out the voice of God, who urges you to arise and follow the paths that he has prepared for you. Like
June 24, 2019
On the feast of Corpus Christi, Pope Francis said that Jesus gave the Church the Eucharist for the salvation of the world. “Every year the feast of Corpus Christi invites us to renew the wonder and joy for this wonderful gift of the Lord, which is the Eucharist,” Pope Francis said at the Angelus prayer
June 21, 2019
In Naples Friday Pope Francis delivered a speech calling for theological dialogue with Islam and Judaism in pontifical universities as part of “a theology of dialogue and acceptance.” “Theology students should be educated in dialogue with Judaism and Islam to understand the common roots and differences of our religious identities, and thus contribute more effectively
June 20, 2019
Catholics walked through Syria’s Wadi al-Nasara, or “Valley of the Christians,” this Pentecost, praying the rosary, alternating between the Arabic and French prayers for each decade. Their two-day pilgrimage, inspired by the annual Notre Dame-Chartres walk in France, coincided with Pentecost pilgrimages in Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt organized by the French humanitarian organization SOS Chretiens
June 19, 2019
Pope Francis said on Wednesday that the Holy Spirit unites and grows the Church despite human limitations, sins and scandal. “The Holy Spirit is the creator of communion, the artist of reconciliation … He builds the community of believers by harmonizing the unity of the body and the multiplicity of its members,” Pope Francis said
June 14, 2019
Pope Francis sent a message to apostolic nuncios Thursday informing his ambassadors that they have a responsibility as papal representatives not to criticize the pope or to join groups hostile to the Roman curia. “It is therefore irreconcilable to be a pontifical representative criticizing the pope behind his back, having blogs or even joining groups
June 14, 2019
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin marked the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Israel Thursday by calling for a shared commitment to religious freedom and combatting anti-Semitism. “The peace process and the future of the region are in the heart of the pope and the Holy See,” Parolin said
June 13, 2019
More than 14,000 Catholics walked 62 miles from Paris to Chartres Cathedral in three days in an annual Pentecost pilgrimage of prayer and penance. Pilgrims from across the globe trekked through the French countryside June 8-10 praying the rosary, singing, and talking together, stopping only for Mass and to camp for the night. “Each year