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‘There is no negotiating with the cross: one either embraces it or rejects it,” Holy Father says

‘There are glaring sins that make noise, and there are also devious sins, which lurk in the heart without us even realizing it. The worst of these is pride’

Leaders of war-torn South Sudan will meet at the Vatican in an attempt to broker a peace deal

Nelson Santana had an ‘extraordinary ability’ to understand the meaning of the suffering of Christ

The Vatican has confirmed that Gregory will succeed Cardinal Wuerl

‘With Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham,’ the Pope said

‘If you see a priest at risk… remind him of his commitment to God and his people,’ the Pope told young people

‘Let’s not accuse Muslims. Let’s accuse also ourselves,’ Pontiff tells French reporter

The Pope said that many perceive the sacrament of penance to be in crisis in the contemporary world