Cindy Wooden

Benedict XVI says he hopes the meeting will promote dialogue in a world ‘still torn by hatred’

Papal pilgrimage will unite Muslims, Chinese Buddhists, Japanese Shintoists, Native Americans, Zoroastrians and atheist philosophers

The Year will begin on the 50th anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council

Benedict XVI urges Egypt to work towards ‘respect for the freedom and dignity of every citizen’

Benedict XVI says that children in east Africa are dying every day because of the famine

Benedict XVI tells 10,000 pilgrims that faith in Germany ‘is alive, and has a young face’

Document lists seven key principles that the society must agree to before full reconciliation with Rome

Vatican insists it ‘in no way hampered or interfered in’ abuse inquiry

Benedict XVI sends message to Catholic and Orthodox scholars

Pope praises hosts and says Spain is a great nation