Cindy Wooden

Paolo Gabriele, known as ‘little Paolo’, was arrested at the weekend

Benedict XVI says people today do not always understand the ‘deep consolation’ of addressing God as Father

Fr Lombardi says reconciliation talks continue but that each SSPX bishop will be treated individually

Although she was never canonised, St Hildegard is to be added to the catalogue of saints

At his weekly general audience the Pope thanks faithful ‘from the depths of my heart’

Tens of thousands attend papal Mass in St Peter’s Square

Pope leads Good Friday ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica

Good Friday is to become a public holiday in Cuba for the first time since 1959

Pope has invited the Archbishop of Canterbury to speak at the world Synod of Bishops on evangelisation in October

The Pope tells cardinals that love and service, not an air of greatness, are to mark their lives