Christopher R. Altieri

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May 15, 2020
It's easy to confuse questions of doctrine with those of governance - there's often a good deal of real-world overlap - which is why it's important to make and keep the distinction
May 13, 2020
Vatican finances are in dire straits, and reform is coming more abruptly than many expected: here's why.
May 10, 2020
A new law requires the reporting of suspected abuse. Did that apply in Cincinnati?
May 03, 2020
South Africa’s Catholic weekly has the support of bishops - but Cardinal Napier has voiced criticisms
April 27, 2020
Shops are preparing to reopen next month, but no date has been given for the resumption of public Masses
April 21, 2020
Yet another commission is studying the subject - but the Vatican's options are limited
April 10, 2020
His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell, is a free man – news that was received with a measure of relief at the Vatican and abroad, even by persons not well disposed to Cardinal Pell or the Church. The Holy See sounded a cautious note. “The decision of Australia’s high court has only just been communicated,” Holy
April 09, 2020
A few weeks back, the Italian bishops floated the idea that they might just decide to close all of Italy’s churches during the coronavirus lockdown. “Not because the state imposes it on us,” Italy’s bishops wrote on March 12, “but out of a sense of belonging to the human family.” The Italian bishops did not
April 02, 2020
The Urbi et Orbi was an inspiring moment. But the Vatican bureaucracy has struggled to create a unified policy
April 01, 2020
The editorial coordinator of Vatican News in English explains the piece was "removed because it does not reflect the editorial line on the subject" and apologises for "hurt" to "the sensibilities of many readers of Vatican News".
March 30, 2020
A statement from the Rome Vicariate says His Eminence is admitted to Rome’s Gemelli hospital with fever, his general condition good, and that he has begun an antiviral therapy, while his closest collaborators are self-isolating. New details have emerged, meanwhile, regarding the testing and other safety protocols implemented in the Vatican after a coronavirus scare last week.
March 27, 2020
A deserted St Peter's Square was the setting for a remarkable prayer service