Charlie Hart

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July 01, 2021
Prised from his Suffolk idyll to take his family to Norfolk, 
Charlie Hart looks forward to a joyous return to his garden
June 01, 2021
For our gardener, now a budding art dealer, June is the month to sit back 
and enjoy the fruits of your labour after months of toil
May 01, 2021
This month’s gift to the garden – a promenade of dazzling white blossom – contains an original moment for the rest of the year
April 01, 2021
As spring arrives, Charlie Hart welcomes new arrivals to his family and relishes the prospect of his garden’s olfactory impact
February 25, 2021
Author and gardener Charlie Hart explains why he took to the Roman church, with a little help from CS Lewis and a priest friend
February 23, 2021
As the winter days lengthen, preparing the garden for summeris a New Year ritual to be cherished, asks Charlie Hart
August 06, 2020
August can be a flat month in the garden. Much of what is best has been and gone. The garden seems to sprawl, exhausted by high summer. There is no point fighting this moment of capitulation, but as gardeners, we can at least seek to leaven it. August is, for instance, a good month for
March 19, 2020
My 13-year-old son Isaac wants to follow in the footsteps of another East Anglian, Ed Sheeran. Skilful cajoling on his part met with hesitant moaning on mine, but last weekend he won. I made a grumpy foray down to a shed that had a load of junk in it. The junk was moved, the shed
November 07, 2019
Someone once told me that there is no higher point between the spire of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge and that of the Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul in St Petersburg, so the biting easterly winds we are so used to in the East essentially whip in straight off the Urals. Regardless of whether
January 24, 2019
The winter solstice is well passed, and as the days lengthen so do my forays out into the valley below our farmhouse. Our valley hasn’t changed much over the past 500 years. A reservoir was dug in the Sixties, the odd timber-framed house has gained a television aerial but that is about it. As I