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The bill will not advance further, however, after failing to gain majority support during subcommittee hearings

The law removes the potential to charge men who attack pregnant women with the crime of killing unborn children, Charles Camosy said

Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Sandino is the first new church in over 60 years

Good Church music has three qualities of ‘sanctity, beauty and universality’, the archbishop said

Robert Troy had revealed he voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, despite previously describing himself as pro-life

A priest rowed back on claims the body of Carlo Acutis had been found incorrupt

At least 700 opposition supporters were trapped in the cathedral in Maturin

Most want women to have a greater role, but do not believe a diaconate is the answer

The Church in Venezuela has thrown its weight behind opposition marches calling for the removal of President Maduro

The university’s president said many saw the murals as ‘demeaning’ towards America’s indigenous peoples