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Cardinal Woelki said it was a ‘very dangerous concept’ to try to cast aside Church Tradition

He was suspended from the priesthood after accepting a cabinet position in Nicaragua’s Sandinista government

At least 10 churches across France have been attacked since the start of the month

Bishop Moronta of San Cristobal said the people wanted a change in the ‘social-political and even economic orientation’ of the country

A Satanic Temple adherent claimed a state law requiring informed consent violated her religious freedom

The measure declares that pornography creates a ‘sexually toxic environment that damages all areas of our society’

The investigation determined that the students did not instigate the incident at the Lincoln Memorial last month

Children in the Diocese of Gallup will now receive Confirmation and then First Communion at the same Mass

Prime Minister Viktor Orban also promised to include grandparents in maternity leave and reduce mortgage payments for families with multiple children