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The real enemies of human freedom are those who attack religious belief, not believers, the archbishop said

The photos by Vernon Miller, official scientific photographer of the Shroud of Turin Research project, are now all available online

The emeritus pope said a crisis in moral theology led the Church unable to defend itself against the social changes of the 1960s

Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been charged with raping a nun nine times over a two-year period

Police now say they have enough evidence to charge Bishop Mulakkal

‘The Church and the missionaries were the great protectors of the indigenous peoples’

Since the liturgy has its own structure and rhythm ‘it should not be interrupted to add in our extras’, the bishop said

We are witnessing ‘a continued deterioration, we might even say an assault’ on religious liberty, the Vatican Secretary of State said

The move comes amid a continuing crackdown on the ‘underground’ Catholic Church