Carol Glatz

The robotisation and dehumanisation of warfare present several serious ethical and legal problems, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic said

The Church is ‘a model of altruism, an ark of salvation and a source of certainty and truth,’ the Pope said

At the Holy Thursday Chrism Mass, the Pope said priests should not ‘idolise’ Church law

‘When both parties take a further step, we will find ourselves getting closer and closer to each other, and becoming friends on the path to the truth’

Confession is like God’s loving embrace, the Pope said

Catholics can also receive while standing if they do so ‘with devotion’, the Pope said

The Pope will attend the world meeting of families during his visit

The academy said he told four popes he wanted to ‘advance the relationship between Faith and Scientific Reason’

Pope Francis has given the church plenty of ‘food for thought’ on many issues of great importance