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May 07, 2019
Americans were once well aware of the various “Great Awakenings” in their history, and not a few have hoped that the nation might experience another renewal of faith. Yet what if we were to experience a religious awakening which was very bad for the nation? In a recent incisive essay, Professor Darel Paul of Williams
May 06, 2019
In the latest June/July print edition of First Things, Hadley Arkes takes on the Church’s best defenders on the Supreme Court. Arkes argues that Justices Alito and Gorsuch have inadvertently been “Backing Into Relativism” in their defence of religious liberty. In particular, Arkes takes the Court to task for rescuing the Masterpiece baker, Jack Phillips,
May 03, 2019
Katie McHugh, who gained fame as a provocateur of the white nationalist “alt-right,” has left the movement. In a recent interview, McHugh’s message to alt-right friends is “get out while you still can.” The fascinating profile of her life took her down the rabbit hole of neo-paganism which lies at the dark heart of the
May 02, 2019
Someone asked me yesterday, “what’s the best thing you see happening in the Catholic Church right now?” It’s a great question to be asked because we live in a news cycle almost entirely predicated upon bad news. This is equally true in the Church today. Catholics have been beaten badly by the waves of a
May 01, 2019
Canada legalized euthanasia in June 2016, and the country is now beginning to see the first fruits of the law. A new report, covering only a portion of the country, shows that Canadian doctors are already killing human beings at an alarming rate — approximately 8 patients a day. The Catholic News Agency reports: The
April 30, 2019
Niall Ferguson has recently recounted the ever-lengthening list of professional thinkers, public intellectuals, and writers of any stripe who have been publicly disciplined and punished for various “thought crimes.” He worries that, as a result, “critical thinking” is going to die. The case of conservative philosopher and public intellectual Sir Roger Scruton provides a prime
April 29, 2019
CNN reported yesterday that President Trump had “made an incendiary remark at a rally Saturday night.” Trump had criticized the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evershe, for vowing to “veto legislation that protects Wisconsin babies born alive.” But the president’s greatest offense was that he used the word “execute” to describe what Governor Ralph Northam
April 26, 2019
Porn has been ubiquitous all of my life. The Supreme Court’s 1969 decision in Stanley vs Georgia had essentially revoked state obscenity laws across the land, and thus let loose the hounds of sexual exploitation. By the 90s, porn was experiencing a second revolution: the internet. The legalization and normalization of porn which had been
April 25, 2019
Many liberal democracies are facing a social crisis today because their governments pursued policies which undermined the family. But since 2010, one country has seen marriage rates increase by a whopping 43 per cent with their divorce rate dropping by 22.5 per cent. Unsurprisingly, with the increase in marriage, 33 per cent fewer women are
April 24, 2019
In a recent column, Michael Rosenwald writes in the Washington Post about Hitler’s view of Christianity by way of Alan Bullock’s classic work, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny. The world is awash with Hitlerian analogy, and we should pay attention to that, not only for the way it represents fascist ideology but for the way
April 23, 2019
Many were surprised by the arm’s length way in which many politicians described Catholic martyrs in the Sri Lanka bombings. Yet as William Cavanaugh so persuasively shows in his book The Myth of Religious Violence, liberalism is premised on the conceit that it brought an end to “religious violence,” and ushered in peace between all
April 22, 2019
In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis describes everything in heaven as “much solider than things in our country.” That phrase came to mind with the juxtaposition of seeing many images of Caravaggio’s “Incredulity of St. Thomas” and an Easter Day interview in the New York Times with progressive theologian and president of Union Seminary, Serene
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