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Leaked report says the site in Poland poses a ‘high risk for the life and health of people’

The meeting between Francis and Bishop Bernard Fellay took place on Saturday

A state grand jury found two former bishops helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by more than 50 clergy over a 40-year period in Altoona-Johnstown diocese

More than 500 companies, including Disney and Coca-Cola, urged Gov Deal’s veto

A breakaway faction of the Taliban said it targeted Christians on Easter Sunday

Francesca Chaouqui has been granted more time to prepare for trial after appointing new lawyer

Pope Francis denounced the conditions slum-dwellers are forced to live in

Pope Francis has arrived in Kenya at the start of his papal visit to Africa

Pope Francis will arrive in Kenya today at the start of his three-country tour of Africa

Reporter Emiliano Fittipaldi and his lawyer raised an objection at the start of today’s hearing