A huge donation revealed last week will allow the shrine to go from strength to strength

The money will be put towards major redevelopment of the shrine’s buildings

The papal decree was announced at ‘England’s Nazareth’ on the feast of the Holy Family

A new book argues that the seer was none other than Edith, wife of the future King Harold

Youth 2000 will celebrate 25 years this weekend in Walsingham

The national shrine wants to upgrade its buildings and increase its role in the Church

One investigation suggests that the visionary who inspired the shrine was none other than King Harold’s wife, Edith the Fair

The Chapel of Reconciliation at Walsingham will host a Western, Melkite and Ordinariate Rite Mass on Saturday

Mgr Jeffery Steenson and Mgr Harry Entwistle will meet Mgr Keith Newton in London

Pope Emeritus sends letter to the Friends of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham