Pope Francis arrives in the country today and will visit a once-notorious prison on Wednesday

Sir Jack Stewart-Clark will take a dramatisation of the last days of Christ to one of Italy’s biggest prisons

The ‘resource and research centre’ is housed in Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel at prison in Shirley, Massachusetts

Pope Francis spent an hour at the Curran-Fromhold prison on Sunday

50 inmates from Rome’s Rebibbia prison were given a tour of the Vatican gardens before listening to the Pope’s Angelus address

Pope Francis will visit Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay in July

The Vatican recently eliminated life imprisonment from its own penal code.

In a lecture the bishop for prisons says children should not suffer for their parent’s crimes

Pope laments overcrowding in prisons and tells hundreds of inmates that they are worthy of dignity

But even if they believed him, they would still be out for retribution, not rehabilitation