Papal Visit 2010

Apostolic Nuncio to Britain commissions Midlands-based bespoke furniture maker to produce six items for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit

Lord Sacks describes meeting Pope Benedict XVI in Twickenham last month as a moment he ‘shall never forget’

Some respected campaigners even regarded it as a civil right

Catholics with Attitude to expand across the Atlantic after sales double thanks to the papal visit

The exact cost is not yet known but estimates suggest the Church in Britain is still several million short

Pupils talk about seeing the Pope at several of the major events

If our bishops put the boot in to the New Atheists now, wouldn’t that rebound on us?

Friends of the London Oratory put on an exhibition at St Wilfred’s Hall to mark the papal visit

Archbishop Nichols also talks of being ‘engulfed by joy’ as he travelled with the Pope in the popemobile

The Holy Father’s visit thrilled and inspired the faithful. Here a handful of pilgrims describe experiences they won’t forget