Islamic State

Two of the accused were expelled from Italy and another was arrested in Kosovo

Patriarch Younan says the West have abandoned Christians in Syria

Assembly of Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land has called on the world ‘to stand united against terrorism’

Suddenly evoking Islamist atrocities in the Middle East has become rather trendy, which is of no use at all to the thousands who have already been butchered

Armed police kept guard of the cathedral during the service on Sunday evening

Fr Jack Murad said he feared for his life after he was abducted by ISIS as he speaks about the ordeal for the first time

Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo has said the CIA has been training Syrian rebel groups which are ‘al-Qaeda under a different name’

Francis said he hopes the beatification of martyred Syriac Bishop Flavien-Michel Malke will give the persecuted faithful ‘courage and hope’

The archbishop says the crisis in Iraq has challenged his faith despite him encouraging Christians who flee to Irbil

The monastery of Mar Elian, destroyed by ISIS, was a beacon of inter-faith co-operation