Islamic State

Thousands of families, most of whom are Christian, have been displaced by ISIS offensives

Cardinal Nichols said that international assistance is required in the Middle East

The motion calls on the Government to table a resolution at the UN Security Council

St Elian monastery, in the recaptured town of Qaryatain, was bulldozed by the terrorist group last summer

Salesian leaders say rumours that the priest was crucified on Good Friday are false

Fr Michel Gaillard has served as chaplain of the Belgian airport targeted by ISIS for 10 years

Unlike the European Parliament and the United States, Britain has refused to acknowledge genocide by Islamic State

‘We must stay faithful to our message of peace,’ Archbishop Josef De Kesel told a French newspaper

Document calls on the US State Department to recognise the genocide

The hostages were the final group of more than 200 Christians abducted by the terrorists last year