Islamic State

The Archbishop of Rouen announced the news at a Chrism Mass

A Catholic spokesman says ISIS is now ‘strongly entrenched’ in the North Sinai region

As Christians flee ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, those left behind face mounting persecution

The murder – the sixth in less than a month – comes after ISIS promised to step up its attacks

Gamal Tawfiq, 50, was shot in the head by two militants on a motorbike who followed him as he walked from home to work

Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan visited beleaguered Christians in northern Iraq last month

They said priests who left without permission had to ‘regularise their status’

Peaceful people gather to pray for peace – it won’t sway those in favour of violence

ISIS has brought terror to Iraq’s Christian community. Now there’s a military fightback – but could it make things even worse?

Despite military defeats suffered by ISIS, Iraqi Christians say minority groups in the country face further uncertainty