Conclave 2013

To many in Buenos Aires, he is known simply as ‘Father Jorge’

The cardinal, who is the first Jesuit to be elected Pope, will be known as Pope Francis

In St Peter’s Square, pilgrims are hopeful, excited, and a little anxious

Live coverage of the new pope’s first appearance

The conclave is officially underway. The doors of the Sistine Chapel were closed just moments after Msgr Guido Marini announced the famous Latin phase: ‘Extra Omnes,’ which roughly translates to ‘Everyone Out.’

Cardinal-electors swear oath to defend the Church

The 115 cardinals processed into the Basilica to begin the Pro Eligendo Pontifice Mass

Journalists are floundering because they cannot see beyond the dichotomy of ‘conservative’ and ‘progressive’

Fr John Zuhlsdorf offers a guide to this morning’s Mass