clerical abuse crisis

Crucial post is given to Mgr Charles Brown, an Irish American who has served for almost 20 years at the CDF

The danger of scapegoating the Church is that it has given society an excuse not to address the problem

The Community of the Beatitudes, based in France, admits sexual abuse was committed by its founder and other senior figures

Monks and other members of staff at Downside are now being treated with caution

Ruling defines the relationship of a priest to his bishop as that of employee to an employer

Benedictines will no longer run school in west London following allegations of clerical sex abuse said to have occurred over 20 years

Ireland’s foreign minister says closure is for economic reasons and is not related to the Cloyne report row

Spokesman says Pope was ‘deeply shaken’ by encounter

Surely, one lesson has been learned from the abuse crisis: lies and half-truths can be deadly