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Bishop Douglas Crosby said equating women’s rights with abortion was ‘erroneous, confusing and misguided’

The study also found only 29 per cent of Catholics said their religion was important to their political thinking

Canada’s distinct history is one of religious pluralism, toleration and liberty

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Scheer describes himself as pro-life and says he will allow backbench MPs to bring forward legislation on the issue

Trudeau told reporters he invited the pope to go to Canada “in the coming years,” but added no further details about such a trip

The Vatican’s chief of doctrine urged pro-life Canadians to continue the fight

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A year to look backwards

The anniversaries of 2017 are a chance to ponder events that profoundly shape the world today

Our task is difficult but urgent: to show that people who are old and ill nevertheless have value

‘This “medical-assistance in dying” is a threat to the foundations of our society,’ Bishop Noel Simard said