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Patriarch Beshara Boutros al-Rai meets Roman pontiff shortly after his election

Exhibition shows 140 pieces of the best Russian jewellery from the past 100 years

As former Anglicans prepare to be received into the Church for the ordinariate, the St Barnabas Society pledges money for its clergy

West Yorkshire Playhouse refuses to back down over controversial advert

The Government announces Mr Nigel Baker will replace Francis Campbell as British ambassador to the Holy See

St Benoît-Joseph Labre (April 16) has been called the representative of those who in the name of Christ refuse to be respectable

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Mt 21: 1-11; Is 50: 4-7; Phil 2: 6-11; Mt 26:14-27:66

The Vatican says it will correct errors in the Italian translation of YouCat before approving the final version

Parents’ group promises to fight on in dispute with Westminster diocese

Mgr O’Flaherty’s duel with the Gestapo leader in Rome is legendary. What happened next was even more amazing