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She was condemned after drinking water from a supply used by Muslims

Cardinal Nzapalainga also warned against the ‘ideological colonisation’ of Africa

Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops writes open letter to whistleblower

Pope urges youth to go ‘in search of goodness, of truth, of beauty’

However, the Pope stopped short of ordering an apostolic visitation

Bishops and commentators wonder what happens in the absence of an investigation

The synod bishops ‘must continue to face courageously and honestly the betrayal of young people by clerics’

The former CDF prefect said Catholics had a right to know the truth about the accusations

The Church failed the young not just through abuse but also failing to challenge them and offering ‘unbeautiful’ liturgy

Countries like the US style themselves as developed but are in fact ‘underdeveloped in their humanity’, Chaput said