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Almost 100 inmates have died in Brazil since the turn of the year

The couple’s son died in the attack by Pakistani Taliban group Jaamat-ul-Ahrar on Easter Sunday

Olga Woltering was on her way to a cruise with her husband to celebrate his birthday

The restoration project at the the site traditionally believed to be the birthplace of Jesus has already uncovered a Crusades-era mosaic

The lawsuit brought by an anti-abortion group says the Legion interfered with an inheritance the group should have received

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Pope Francis baptised 28 infants in the Sistine Chapel

The infant was left in a plastic laundry basket at the entrance to the church

Francis made the comments in a book reflecting on his pilgrimages as Pontiff

Cardinal Müller was responding to a request from four cardinals for the Pope to clarify a section of Amoris Laetitia