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The warnings of Our Lady proved prophetic in 1917. They continue to resonate today

A scientific perspective does not rule out miracles. We must remain open to exploring the unexplained

David Jones’ In Parenthesis is “one of the greatest aesthetic and existential achievements of 20th century literature” says Thomas Dilworth

The jailing of the governor of Jakarta is deeply unjust and absurd

Dr Adrian Treloar writes that the care we offer the most vulnerable is one way in which we can judge a society

If he really does believe that truth is inaccessible, then France has a president who believes in the dictatorship of relativism

French Catholics played a surprisingly large role in the campaign. They now have a fight on their hands

Burma has a long way to go. But the Church will now be an even stronger voice for justice and peace

The Vatican media operation has often gone so badly wrong that it created embarrassment which eventually became the story