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Duo studying to become priests spread the Gospel through hip hop

The Bosco Brothers use rap to appeal to young people

Two Brothers studying to become Catholic priests have turned to hip hop to spread the Gospel among young people.

Brothers Steve DeMaio and Steve Eguino, known as the Bosco Boys, recorded the song “Who Says You Can’t Be A Saint” with Te Deum Ministries and Array of Hope.

The Brothers are in formation studying to become priests with the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Both are avid music lovers and aim to use music to share the Gospel and their faith with young people and families.

The duo’s new video, produced by Te Deum Ministries and Array of Hope, looks at what it means to be a saint.

It shows the pair in the streets of New York, asking “who says you can’t be a saint?” and making the point that everyday life is a path to sainthood.

“Persevere, got to push through it. When you’re feeling down got to renew it,” they sing. “Life is a journey, no cruising through it.”

And later: “There’s holiness in everyday. I know that I can prove it.

“Going to school, going to church, cooking some dinner … just keep it up. You’re a teacher, you’re a mother. Just keep it up.”

Putting on their collars the duo join children playing basketball as they sing together “I want to be a saint”.

Te Deum Ministries describes itself as a religious organisation set up to “address the degradation of our culture and the lack of spirituality” by creating content for teenagers, young adults and families.

Array of Hope, an off-shoot project by the group, has held concerts with musical acts and speakers, including the Bosco Boys.

You can watch the full Bosco Boys’ video below.