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Confraternity praises synod fathers for standing firm on marriage

'The abuse crisis was caused by abusers in the first place, but the crisis became a catastrophe because many bishops were not properly capable of oversight' (CNS)

A group of priests in England and Wales has praised synod fathers for remaining firm on the issue of same-sex marriage.

The British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (CCC) said it was “grateful” that the synod affirmed the Church’s teachings “in a climate of challenge and confusion”.

The group unanimously approved its response to the synod’s final report on Wednesday at its annual colloquium.

In a press release the confraternity said it appreciated that the synod upheld the view of the family as the “foundation of civilisation … and marriage as an indissoluble union between one man and one woman”.

The group also praised what it saw as the synod’s “brave refusal to accept the ideological colonisation of those who promote same-sex unions” arguing that affirming the teaching “will bear great fruit for the Church and for souls”.

The group pledged to “proclaim the beauty of marital love”, support faithful families, and provide encouragement to those “wounded by our broken culture”.

Discussing those who are divorced or civilly remarried, the confraternity acknowledged the synod’s comments on supporting people in these situations, and pledged to continue to help them “discern the will of God in their lives.”

The group said that the sacraments, especially Holy Communion, “must faithfully reflect the Church’s solemn doctrinal teaching”.

It added: “We express relief that the synod fathers did not heed attempts to separate doctrine from sacramental and pastoral practice.”

The confraternity is open to all priests and the British group represents about 10 per cent of priests in England and Wales.