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Musical about the Pope is released in the Philippines

Pope Francis looks on as young people dance during an encounter with Italian students, teachers and parents in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican this year. 'I 'heart' Pope Francis' will debut this month (PA)

A new Filipino musical based on the life of Pope Francis will be released this month.

‘I (heart sign) Pope Francis’ will premier in Angeles City, about 56 miles north of the capital city of Manila, with the aim of attracting young people to the Church.

Show director Andy Alviz said the performance hit “many birds with one stone”. He said: “You entertain, you evangelize and at the same time, it’s also a vocation campaign for young audiences who want to become priests or nuns some day.”

The two-hour musical traces the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his childhood in Argentina to his election in 2013 as the first Latin American pontiff.