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‘Pray for the forgotten dead,’ Pope urges faithful

Pope Francis also celebrated Mass at the Verano cemetery in Rome Nov. 1, the feast of All Saints. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Pope Francis has urged Catholics to pray for the “anonymous who rest in common graves.”

During his Angelus address yesterday on the Feast of All Souls, Pope Francis asked the faithful to pray for the “forgotten dead” and “those who no one remembers” the “victims of war and violence; the many little ones of the world crushed by hunger and poverty” and “the anonymous who rest in common graves.”

Pope Francis also asked for particular prayers for persecuted Christians martyred for their faith. He called on people to offer prayers and the celebration of the Eucharist for “our brothers and sisters killed because they are Christians; and those who sacrificed their lives to serve others. We especially entrust to the Lord, those who have left over the last year”.

The Pope also marked the Feast of All Saints with Mass at Rome’s Verano cemetery on Saturday.

Pope Francis concluded his homily by saying: “May the Lord help us and give us the grace of this hope, but also the grace of courage to emerge from all this destruction, devastation, relativism of life, the exclusion of others, exclusion of values, exclusion of all that the Lord has given us: the exclusion of peace. Deliver us from this, and give us the grace to walk in the hope of finding ourselves one day face to-face with Him. And this hope, brothers and sisters, does not disappoint”.