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US launch fresh air strikes against ISIS following Foley video

Obama speaks about the death of James Foley (PA)

The US have launched fresh air strikes against ISIS militants in northern Iraq, despite their threats to murder a second American hostage.

US Navy fighters and drone provide air cover to Kurdish and Iraqi forces fighting ISIS near the city of Mosul.

Since the video of the execution of photo journalist James Foley was released on Tuesday, American forces have conducted 14 new strikes near the Mosul dam, a key facility recaptured militant earlier this week.

In the video, the group said Foley’s killing as revenge for previous attacks.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the executioner in the video-who had an English accent is from London or South-East England.

James Foley first went missing in 2012 when he was seized in Syria. The FBI is in charge of the international hunt for his killer while Scotland Yard is examining the video.

Prime Minister David Cameron said it looked “increasingly likely” the man thought to be involved in killing Mr Foley was British, but that it was “not a time for a knee-jerk reaction”.

Mr Cameron briefly returned to Downing Street on Wednesday, leaving his holiday in Cornwall, in order to attend an emergency meeting.

The Metropolitan Police have warned that “viewing, downloading or disseminating” the video might be an offence under ant-terror laws.