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Print Edition: May 23, 2014

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald there is an extensive preview of Pope Francis’s trip the Holy Land. There are also reports on how attacks on Christians in Europe are on the rise and on the appointment of Bishop Ralph Heskett as the new Bishop of Hallam.

Elsewhere in the paper, Catholic writer Piers Paul Read discusses his formative years as a Marxist in an interview by Luke O’Sullivan, while Sophie Caldecott explains how a group of Hollywood superheroes have helped her family. Julius Boniface Okuni says Pope Francis is perplexing the African faithful and Ryan Service offers a guide to the good and bad points of parish fetes. And Nigel Pickford looks back on a 17th century row between journalists that sparked some of the largest anti-Catholic protests London has ever seen.

In arts and books, Will Gore reviews Fading Gigolo, a new film starring Woody Allen, and John Hinton considers the young Winston Churchill in his review of Jonathan Rose’s book, The Literary Churchill.

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