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Print Edition: May 16, 2014

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald there is an extensive report on the announcement that Paul VI will be beatified in October. There is also news on the first Oratorian to be ordained bishop in 140 years and Pope Francis urging the UN to resist ‘the culture of death’ in reference to abortion.

Elsewhere in the paper we have an extract from a new book by Roger Scruton that asks whether Darwin can tell us anything more than Freud can about faith and Tim Stanley reports back from Israel ahead of the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land. There is also a look ahead to the Champions League Final as DJ Kearney assesses the influence of the English Church on football in Madrid and in our Comment section Nina Shea says action is being taken to help Christians in the Middle East.

In arts and books, Quentin Falk reviews the new blockbuster version of Godzilla while Jonathan Wright casts his critical eye over Terry Eagleton’s Culture and the Death of God.

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