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Cardinal Pell: Ashes revenge is sweet

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney (CNS)

An Australian cardinal has said that “revenge is sweet” following Australia’s Ashes victory over England.

Writing in the Catholic Weekly, Cardinal George Pell said: “Revenge is sweet. So runs the 16th century proverb. We all know that Christ prohibited revenge, urging us to turn the other cheek… But these commandments don’t quite fit the England–Australia battle for the Ashes.”

He continued: “Every Australian feels entitled to rejoice in our five-nil victory, against the odds and against all expectations, including mine. The fact that Ian Botham predicted a five-nil whitewash for England is a special bonus.”

The outspoken Australian cardinal said: “In my youth it was easier to believe that test cricket was played in a world without original sin; that fieldsmen (not fielders as we have to say today) told the truth and batsmen (not batters) walked when they were out. One or two old-timers still claim ‘it’s not cricket’ when confronted with injustice.

“However, this imaginary world of innocence has been destroyed, to our loss, by the match-fixing scandals. Such corruption must not be allowed to return.”