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Our August 4, 2017 edition

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Fr Dwight Longenecker says new research on the Turin Shroud will challenge sceptics

More comment…

Matthew Walther on the misery of marriage prep

Ed West says ignore Dunkirk’s politically correct critics

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Nick Hallett asks why Catholics couldn’t agree on Charlie Gard

Colin Brazier on what his seven-year-old really thinks of him

William J Doino Jr on the philosopher who became a Carmelite nun

Fr Raymond de Souza looks at good and evil in Star Wars

Joanna Bogle says the English martyrs are back in fashion

Conrad Black laments the decline of the Economist

Shaun Blanchard on the Catholics who saw Vatican II coming

Mary Kenny asks if men should pay for dinner

Robin Aitken says Catholics should be proud of Chris Patten

Matthew Pittam on the risks of striving for success

Fr Ronald Rolheiser celebrates the ordinary

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