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Our June 23, 2017 issue

Cover story…

Matthew Schmitz on Cardinal Sarah, a man beaten but unbowed

More comment…

Jean Vanier reveals a surprising remedy for Britain’s anguish

Michael Duggan on the uncanny parallels between JRR Tolkien and AE Housman

Available to subscribers only…

Dan Hitchens asks if Britain’s traditional Christians face a new Test Act

Will Heaven says we should be seething at the Grenfell Tower disaster

Fr Ignatius Harrison on the amazing promises of the Sacred Heart

Fr Raymond de Souza recalls the time Canada led the world on religious liberty

Quentin de la Bédoyère on St John Paul II and lust

Colin Brazier takes on the Twitter trolls

Mary Kenny on the Church of England’s stunning revolution

Tim Stanley warms to Love Island

Jonathan Keates joins the Grayson Perry bandwagon

Fr Hugh Somerville-Knapman discovers the antidote to vapid “spirituality”

Pastor Iuventus calls for honesty about Church decline

Peter Hitchens remembers Britain’s vanished pubs

Fr Ronald Rolheiser on when charity is not enough

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