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The Brexit vote has ushered in a new political reality, says Maurice Glasman. This could be the moment for Catholic social teaching to take centre stage

Also online:

Enough with the Fatima conspiracy theories, says Joanna Bogle

Jonathan Wright asks how the West became too embarrassed to mention hell

And Bishop David McGough says the Book of Ecclesiastes reflects its era – one of disillusionment and anxiety

Exclusively available in print…

A Catholic politics? We may have to wait a long time, says Philip Booth

Will Gore pays tribute to a boxing world champion who has bridged the Catholic-Protestant divide

John Charmley sees parallels everywhere between Brexit and the Reformation

The Pope commissioned Mgr Charles Mangan to be a Missionary of Mercy. Six months on, he gives thanks

Evan Simpkins interviews the new British Ambassador too the Holy See

On a trip to Lithuania, land of mass martyrdom, Fr Raymond de Souza recalls what ad orientem is all about

Prince Harry’s mental health campaign is all to the good, says Mary Kenny – there’s just one problem

Miguel Cullen on the legendary novelist who turned out not to exist

Robert Tanitch is won over by the new production of Guys and Dolls

What makes England English, asks Michael Duggan

And Andrew M Brown celebrates the anti-depressant effects of music