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So which way should the priest face? Fr Mark Drew suggests a compromise

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The Theresa May I know, by Tim Montgomerie

Jack Scarisbrick on a historian’s dazzling but dogmatic take on the Reformation

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Dull Whitehall was once the wildest place in London, says Harry Mount

Ann Widdecombe on why it’s OK not to vote for a Christian

Masses in Jamaica have the fervour of Revivalist meetings, says Ian Thomson

William Doino confronts the sin the Church fears denouncing

Robert Wargas says reality is finally catching up with our political elite

Andrea Leadsom was the victim of a vile social media campaign, says Mary Kenny

Tim Stanley says a new spy comedy shows the French are just as deluded as we are

Pastor Iuventus thanks Napoleon for the papal car

Let’s celebrate both celibacy and parenthood, says Melanie McDonagh

Fr Ronald Rolheiser names the true cause of polarisation

Madeleine Teahan explains why the Pope has chosen a former Fox News reporter as his new spokesman