What’s inside this week’s Catholic Herald?

Look inside this week's Catholic Herald

Cover story…

Francis is pulling in different directions, says Fr Mark Drew

More comment…

Joseph Pearce on the rugged poet who rebelled against his ‘anti-papist’ upbringing

Will Gore reviews a dangerously whimsical riff on the New Testament

Bishop David McGough says we should choose the path less travelled by

Amoris Laetitia…

A barbed aside from the Pope leaves Stephen Bullivant feeling sheepish

Fr Raymond de Souza says the Holy Father’s pastoral approach is extraordinary

Cardinal Kasper misjudged Francis badly, says Ed Condon

The new papal document could be a nightmare for priests, says Pastor Iuventus

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Is Francis about to heal the rift between Rome and the SSPX? asks Madeleine Teahan

Ann Widdecombe explains why she’s mad about hedgehogs

The Easter Rising proclamation was a masterpiece of humbug, says Kevin Myers

Mary Kenny meets Democrats who like Donald Trump

Joseph Pearce on the rugged poet who rebelled against his ‘anti-papist’ upbringing

Patrick West on why Ireland’s best thinkers turned into gunmen

Robert Tanitch applauds Glenn Close’s comeback in Sunset Boulevard

Psychology is on the rocks, warns James Le Fanu

Romance can really be self-love, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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