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The Way of the Cross meditations at the Colosseum on Good Friday will highlight the plight of refugees, the unemployed and abused children (full text, video).

Boko Haram is killing people “like animals”, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos has said.

New Scottish Bishop John Keenan has chosen “to move into a parish house in a housing scheme in an area of multiple deprivation“.

Many priests have become simply a “sort of bureaucrat“, Pope Francis told seminarians yesterday (video).

Fr Hugh Somerville-Knapman says recent episcopal appointments suggest Francis is “looking in typically non-careerist pastures for new shepherds“.

John Allen proposes Fr Frans van der Lugt as “a new patron saint for all Christians at risk“.

And Adam DeVille says that if you follow Catholic social teaching you will “look like a weirdo, a misfit and a loser in the eyes of many“.

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