Morning Catholic must-reads: 08/04/13

Pope Francis receives the pastoral staff during Mass at St John Lateran (AP)

God always waits for us, even when we have left him behind,” Pope Francis said as he formally took possession of the St John Lateran on Sunday (full text, full video).

The Pope urged the faithful not to “be afraid to be Christians” at the Regina Caeli yesterday.

In his first curial appointment Pope Francis has named Franciscan leader Fr José Rodríguez Carballo as secretary of the congregation for religious.

One person died and more than 80 were injured in clashes outside St Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo yesterday.

John Allen visits the shantytowns in Buenos Aires where the future Pope ministered.

Bosnian grand mufti Sheikh Mustafa Cerić urges Pope Francis to “do what he can to work with Muslims“.

And Fr Tim Finigan wonders how the Vatican press office would announce the Second Coming.

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