The saddest part of the Vicky Pryce case

Vicky Pryce leaves court yesterday Sean Dempsey/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Economist Vicky Pryce has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice after a jury unanimously found her guilty of taking her husband’s speeding points ten years ago.

Some time ago I read this in the Daily Telegraph, reporting the evidence given in court by Dr Pryce, former wife of Chris Huhne, in the first of her trials for perverting the course of justice:

Breaking down in tears, the mother of five said there were lots of things about her former husband that she could ignore, but one incident stuck out.

“That particular incident is one where I got accidentally pregnant and obviously wanted to keep the baby because it was healthy – in fact, I quite like babies, that’s why I have so many.

“He absolutely resisted it, saying it was bad timing, bad financially, bad for his career to be tied down again.

“And despite my protestations, he got me to have an abortion, which I have regretted ever since.”

Dr Pryce has been found guilty by a jury, which has refused to believe her defence of marital coercion. But I have heard of this tragic scenario of abortion before. The same thought always occurs to me: a woman’s right to choose, the famous mantra of the pro-abortion movement, is hollow. Choice is never excercised in a vacuum. We all have the right, nay the duty, to make correct moral choices, but we are all victims of influences and pressures from outside. In the matter of abortion, women rarely get the chance to make a choice that is entirely theirs.

Every abortion has a victim – the innocent child; but quite often there is another victim too, the sorrowing mother who has been bullied into the abortion against her will.