Today’s Catholic must-reads: 25/07/12

Mourners surround the coffin of Oswaldo Payá (AP Photo)

Benedict XVI has offered his condolences following the death of leading Cuban dissent Oswaldo Payá in an alleged car accident.

An Indian archdiocese is preparing to take legal action against the country’s top law enforcement agency after it accused a retired archbishop of being involved in the murder of a nun.

Mgr William Lynn, the first senior American Church official convicted of failing to prevent clerical abuse, was sentenced to up to six years in prison yesterday.

Vatican Cardinal Fernando Filoni has ordained four bishops in the Central African Republic following scandals that led to the resignation of two senior bishops.

Archbishop-elect Philip Tartaglia tells Vatican Radio how he is preparing for the challenge of being the next Archbishop of Glasgow (audio).

George Weigel says that a new generation of American bishops no longer equates social justice with government programmes.

Author David Athey argues that Catholics have an advantage when it comes to producing great art because they “have their metaphysics right”.

And Benedict XVI has just surpassed the 7.19-year average length of papacies (video).