What the Vatican must do to end its scandalous daily leaks

Pope Benedict XVI greets members of the Roman Curia (CNS photo)

Does the Vatican want to hit the nail on the head? If so, it should reveal the names of all the Catholics who have leaked secret documents.

First we read the secret papers of the “Viganò affair” that ended up in the hands of Gianluigi Nuzzi (author of the anti-Vatican book Vaticano S.p.A.). Then we were presented with those related to anti-money laundering efforts, published by the anti-clerical newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. And finally we find in the same newspaper a delirious note in which one cardinal tells another that the Pope is going to die in a year.

A question arises: who gave the documents to these anti-clerical journalists? That is the real point. Let us rack our brains: who could do it? Probably priests, even more probably bishops, who work for the Vatican. Who else could have access to secret documents that are held in the Secretary of State, one of the most important offices in the Vatican?

And what was the aim of these so-called “Vatileaks”? The internal battles of prelates have been brought out into the open.

But one more question follows: do these priests or bishops who are driven by ambition realise how damaging their row is for the entire Church? Somebody inside the Vatican has thrown Daniel into the lion’s den.

This is a good occasion for the Church to show the world that it is not a pharisaic organisation that cleans the “outside of cup and dish and leave[s] the inside full of extortion and intemperance”. We don’t want to use the method discredited by the sex abuse scandals any more.

As a Catholic, I have a request: that the Vatican tell me, and the entire Church, who leaked these secret documents. And after that, the perpetrators must be punished. They must, at the very least, be sacked, whoever they are.