Today’s Catholic must-reads: 20/12/12

Archbishop-designate Charles Brown (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Benedict XVI has decided to personally ordain Mgr Charles Brown, the new apostolic nuncio to Ireland, as an archbishop on January 6.

The Irish Department of Justice has published the redacted sections of the Cloyne Report into clerical abuse, following a decision by the country’s high court last Friday (PDF of full text).

The Church in El Salvador has asked the country’s political parties to promise to run a “clean campaign” in next year’s legislative and municipal elections.

Parishioners in New York state are urging their bishop to reopen their church for Christmas after the Vatican said there was no valid reason to close it.

Dylan Parry encourages Pope Benedict to visit next year’s International Eucharistic Congress in Ireland.

Catholic League president Bill Donahue explains what he loved about his late adversary Christopher Hitchens.

And Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, has said that Catholicism will soon feature in the award-winning series.