Today’s Catholic must-reads: 27/10/10

Pope Benedict XVI is driven through a cheering crowd following his general audience today (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

The Pope dedicated today’s general audience to St Bridget of Sweden (video)

Benedict XVI urged migrants to integrate into their host countries in his message for the 2011 World Day for Migrants and Refugees released yesterday (full text, video).

Composer James MacMillan has disclosed that local Church officials tried to stop his Mass setting being performed for the Pope in Scotland last month.

The Vatican has announced plans for a new Catholic media centre in the Middle East.

Francis X Clooney SJ, Lisa Graas, Carl Olson, the Curt Jester, Dyspeptic Mutterings and Vivificat react to Rachel Zoll’s AP report on the rise of the conservative Catholic blogosphere.

William Doino Jr argues that the Middle East Synod Fathers were wrong to single out Israel for blame and criticism.

And the recent clash between Peter Singer and John Finnis over abortion at Princeton University is now available to watch online.