Morning Catholic must-reads: 06/07/10

Pope Benedict XVI pictured with Cardinal William Levada

The Vatican is about to publish major changes to its rules on dealing
with clerical abusers, John Allen reports.

Suspected Islamic militants have cut off a Catholic professor’s hand in India.

Two British nuns have been declared Servants of God for their role in saving Italian Jews during World War II.

The Holy See’s decision to appoint a “non-resident representative” to Vietnam has upset some local Catholics.

Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith has urged the Sri Lankan government to revise school textbooks that defame the Church.

Mary Kenny says the opponents of the papal visit to Britain make strange bedfellows.

Anna-Marie Treloar says the Invocation 2010 vocations meeting in Birmingham was a success.

Canon lawyer Nicholas Cafardi praises the New York Times’s recent report on Pope Benedict and the abuse crisis.

And a “Russian Romeo” rather than an enemy of the Church is the author of graffiti on the wall of the Santa Scala in Rome.