Stephen Bullivant

Today is the feast day of the actual Blessed Lucy of Narnia. It really, really is

The Ordinariate has achieved the ‘noble simplicity’ recommended by the Council Fathers

A clear statistical picture is a key part of Christian mission

The saint’s letters prove the first Christians saw Jesus as more than just a prophet and teacher

‘Saved’ is an album slammed by the critics and yet it had a profound effect on me

Some good friends of mine have signed the Wijngaards statement. But it overlooks some basic points

For long periods Mother Teresa perceived God’s seeming absence. But even in her most tortured moments she showed a trust in the will of God

With a new cathedral, new orders and new Oratories, could England’s Catholic Church be entering a time of renewal?

At its funnest, clinical depression is a boring, sapping illness

Groups like the Syro-Malabar Catholics and the Institute of Christ the King are filling previously empty churches