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Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, says striking McDonald’s staff are in the same situation as dock workers 130 years ago

The abbot acknowledged that historical allegations should have been passed to the police

The group has also warned of terror attacks at Christmas time

They made the appeal for talks just after ministers announced plans to allow women to take abortion pills at home

The new version, which replaces a translation in use since 1966, will be used from the First Sunday in Advent

The bishop said he was ‘personally very sorry’ at efforts to ban a peaceful pro-life vigil that he has attended

Sadiq Khan said he supported the use of ‘enforcement tools’ to stop the vigils

Portsmouth city council is the second in England to seek to ban vigils outside abortion clinics

Australians voted for gay marriage – but most eligible voters did not vote or rejected the proposal

The image appears in the bakery’s chain advent calendar for 2017