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Sciaf said it had dealt ‘decisively’ with the cases

Bishop John Keen of Paisley is to meet with the Humanist Society Scotland over what he called ‘lazy’ attacks on the Church

The group of Welsh Catholics could take their case as high as the Apostolic Signatura

An open letter also said the deal could lead to ‘schism’

A government consultation closes tonight on compulsory sex education in schools

Rabbi Dr Fishel Szlajen cited traditional Jewish law

Canon Swarbrick has been a priest in the diocese for 35 years

The Colosseum will be illuminated at the same time as prominent churches in Syria and Iraq

Brexit negotiations are a ‘small issue’ compared to repairing family life, Bishop Davies said

In a new letter, the Pope Emeritus speaks of his declining strength but says he is surrounded by ‘love and goodness’